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Re: Statement from a Berkely Antifa FashBash participant

From: Joshua Case <jwcase AT gmail.com>

>Moreover this is what I just said, and you took issue with - when this person says it it's getting something right? Maybe you're just being a dick because you like the attention. 

>A prog-Lib, Murtaza Hussain from The Intercept, FINALLY gets something right

>"Free speech means you have legal right to _expression_; not entitlement to huge public platform or to be a racist in public w/o being punched." https://twitter.com/MazMHussain/status/827266793039278080

VERY poor reasoning.  It is not mere "free speech" which gives a person "entitlement to huge public platform".  Instead, "free speech" guarantees the public right to speak, in private and in public locations.  But it is the regular offering by officialdom to all comers to a given ("huge public platform") venue, that gives yet another a would-be speaker the right to also seek, and use, that venue to speak, without discrimination based on the content of their proposed speech.  

The people who advocate shutting down Milo Y's speech are not merely advocating violating his First Amendment right to speak, but also are advocating the government violating his 14th Amendment right to equal protection of the laws:  They want other people to continue be allowed to speak at the UC Berkeley campus, but not Milo Y.

"ICYMI this guy was going to Berkeley to target undocumented students, not engage in some kind of Socratic dialogue (link to sheitbart article)" https://twitter.com/MazMHussain/status/827260921915461633

"Undocumented" makes it sound like these people just left their driver's licenses back in Mexico.

             Jim Bell