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Re: Statement from a Berkely Antifa FashBash participant

Moreover this is what I just said, and you took issue with - when this person says it it's getting something right? Maybe you're just being a dick because you like the attention. 

A prog-Lib, Murtaza Hussain from The Intercept, FINALLY gets something right

"Free speech means you have legal right to _expression_; not entitlement to huge public platform or to be a racist in public w/o being punched." https://twitter.com/MazMHussain/status/827266793039278080

"Liberals crying out to defend this guys ability to target most vulnerable people in society should consider deporting themselves to Mars." https://twitter.com/MazMHussain/status/827262611649556480

"ICYMI this guy was going to Berkeley to target undocumented students, not engage in some kind of Socratic dialogue (link to sheitbart article)" https://twitter.com/MazMHussain/status/827260921915461633


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