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Re: Literature

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On 02/02/2017 01:21 PM, Claudia Steimann wrote:
> I am just reading that book 
> http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23809961-psychopathic-cultures-and-
Psychopathic cultures and toxic empires
> By Will Black and it describes really good what turns states like
> Turkey or US into something evil - also describes the same effects
> within companies.
> Does anybody here got other must reads on society or politics?

First, a "must read" about reading about society and politics.
Intelligence analysts work to penetrate nested sets of deceptive and
manipulative information to arrive at "estimates" of the underlying
realities, so-called, that these source materials represent.  You will
not find The Truth because there isn't one.  But a well supported,
confident estimate provides the means to make effective decisions.
There are no unbiased sources /or/ analysts, but we do have ways of
improving the work product:




According to recent statistics from the OPM and Census Bureau, the
Executive and Legislative branches of the U.S. Federal government
employ about 10.5 million people, excluding the military services
(which are part of the Executive branch).  This massive workforce, and
the array of contractors they spend trillions of dollars to support,
plus private sector advisors and lobbyists, has its own hard wired
agendas and institutional inertia.  It is called the Deep State.

The comparatively tiny handful of elected officials who are somewhat
accountable to the public, are boxed in by and highly accountable to
the Deep State.  I do not believe it is possible to understand, much
less act on political information without understanding the context in
which real policy decisions are made and implemented.  Neither do the
public and private sector propagandists whose stock in trade is to
keep the public busy and distracted while "their democratic
government" goes about its business, so this subject is rarely
mentioned outside academic circles.

Why The Deep State Always Wins: The Zero-Sum Game of Perpetual War
Bill Blunden, August 29, 2014

The Power Elite, C. Wright Mills
Oxford University Press, 1956
Excerpt:  https://tinyurl.com/elitepower

National Security and Double Government, Michael J. Glennon,
Harvard National Security Journal, 2014
Full text: https://tinyurl.com/thedeepstate

Anatomy of the Deep State
by Mike Lofgren, February 21, 2014

Information is not "intelligence" unless one can act on it, and that
in turn requires a strategic framework for deploying tools available
to the consumers of intelligence.  People interested in "doing"
politics may find some "must read" items in this collection of texts
about populist political strategies and tactics.  Neither the soap
box, ballot box or ammo box provides tools for making substantive
changes in State policies and agendas - although each has its role to
play.  Real political change follows organized public resistance that
makes it more costly to continue "business as usual" by force, than to
make concessions to public demands.

These texts provide models and technical information relevant to
making abuse of State power by Corporate interests cost prohibitive:



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