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Re: How to act in self defense - concealed carry saves the day

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On 02/01/2017 11:34 PM, jim bell wrote:
> I looked up the (Google?) definition of "fascist", and it stated:
>  / fas·cism     //ˈfaSHˌizəm/     //noun      //an authoritarian
> and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social
> organization./
> 1. /synonyms:/	/authoritarianism

> /(in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant
> views or practice./

> But that seems to be a circular definition:  It refers to
> "right-wing", but doesn't explain why (other than common usage)
> "fascism" is thought to be "right wing". I was under the impression
> that 'traditional' fascism involved government control (but not
> ownership) of the means of production.  But Socialism, I thought,
> amounted to heavy taxation of the means of production, which is
> tantamount to government control, too.  And Communism might simply
> be labelled a form of extreme Socialism.  So why isn't "fascism"
> merely seen as being another form of "Socialism"?

My preferred definition of fascism describes it as rule by a wealthy
oligarchy composed of industrialists and financiers, a.k.a.
capitalists, under a veneer of pretended "democracy."

On the domestic front, fascist States consolidate and expand the power
of a ruling elite through a propaganda regimen presenting an
existential conflict between the country's racial and ethnic "rightful
owners" and selected racial, ethnic and foreign scapegoats.

On the international front, fascist States wage aggressive wars to
further the commercial interests of their ruling elites, under the
pretext of national self defense against notional existential threats
to the State's racial and ethnic "rightful owners."

Today, I view U.S. Progressive Liberal and Conservative Right
constituencies as products of marketing campaigns respectively
promoting covert and overt, or soft and hard, fascist values and
agendas to the public.  I view the political conflict between the
nominal Left and Right at the national policy level as a friendly
competition between financiers (Left) and industrialists (Right) for
dominance in setting national policy for their own benefit.

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