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Re: How to act in self defense - concealed carry saves the day

On Thu, Feb 02, 2017 at 02:30:00AM +0000, Razer wrote:
> James A. Donald asked a stupid question:
> >
> > why the brass knuckles and the many-on-one odds?
> > 
> I can't speak for the participants but quite simply any way you kill a
> nazi is a good way.


> They think people they target are subhuman.

They have thoughts with which you (one can presume here) disagree.

Fair enough.

> So they earn subhuman treatment from the people they target.

And ... deserve to be pre-emptively murdered for said views.


"Libertarian" I suppose.

> And saying that makes the potential victim just like the victimizer is a
> logical fallacy. It's also a sociological fallacy that someone peaceful
> whose existence is threated by someone whose violent will continue to be
> violent after the threat from their victimizer is exterminated. Whereas
> the victimizer... IF they're left to go about their way will simply
> commit another act of violence against another victim their ideology
> tells them is subhuman.
> Rr

Because the victim-with-a-different-point-of-view suffering random acts
of violence and pre-emptive murder for his views ... ensures the victim
won't perpetrate further acts of violence, like speaking his views

Ahah! "The victim is the perpetrator!" Of course - why didn't I think of

No wonder I felt like I was missing something - such erudite
elucidations require extensive dissection ...

TFW you feel "more libertarian" by the second, when reading Rayzer's
psycho pathetic "free speech" emanations.