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Re: How to act in self defense - concealed carry saves the day

On 02/01/2017 02:02 PM, Steve Kinney wrote:
On 02/01/2017 11:03 AM, Razer wrote:


> I make a note of exactly who they are and put them on my 'no
> mercy' mental list (and I have an excellent memory for faces)

> If I ever have an inkling I might be involved in an altercation
> with them they'll NEVER have time to grab their little dickie and
> the first of many things I break is their soft little dick-handing
> hand.

> #NaziPunch #ProTip / #SafetyFirst

> THINK before you punch! (and don't tuck your thumb either in K?)

LOL.  I put this text up on The Facebook in response to the "Safety
First" advisory graphic.  Response was uniformly positive, but y'all
know how echo chambers work...

Bruce Lee say: "Before king fu training, a punch is just a punch.
During kung fu training, a punch is a complex process to study, refine
and develop. After kung fu training, a punch is, again, just a punch."

For best effect, practice punching a padded surface. Train with both
hands, left - right - left - right etc. A vertical fist has slightly
more reach and power than a horizontal one. Do not "twist" the fist,
no matter what somebody told you. Speed = power, to hit harder
concentrate on speed. Fist should move in a straight line. Pulling it
BACK even faster than it went forward adds shock, enables you to block
an incoming response better, and enables you to take fast second shot
if indicated.

Nazi punching is a felony, but not if he visibly and unmistakably
tried to hit you first. Aggravated battery (i.e. hitting first in
response to insults) carries a higher penalty for some reason I never

This information is offered as-is with no guarantee or claim of
fitness for use of any purpose. User assumes risk of injury.

A Jeet Kune Do speed training technique: Turn a TV to some show like a
cartoon that has frequent scene changes. Stand in front of it, feet
planted a little wide, knees slightly bent. Make a hand-washing
gesture in front of your chest with your hands. Keep your arms as
loose and relaxed as you can. Unfocus your eyes, see the whole area in
front of you not just the TV. Every time the scene changes, snap
whichever hand is in front of the other toward the screen as fast as
you can, and retract it just as fast or faster. Resume the
hand-washing movement. Continue for five to ten minutes per session,

In a couple of weeks you will be able to punch VERY fast. The nerves
that control voluntary muscle are of two types: One governs steady
contraction, the other twitch contraction. This exercise trains
several systems and reflexes at once, and causes the "twitch" function
nerves to actually grow stronger and more active.

See: "In movies, punching is the way to deal with Nazis. Reality is more complicated."

My response: "@washingtonpost No it isn't I'll take the rap As a matter of fact if one dies from the beating I'll be glad to take the rap for that too K?"

But first they'll have to catch me. Like a fish in a big big sea with a lot of fish who don't like nazis either.