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Re: How to act in self defense - concealed carry saves the day

On 2/2/2017 8:02 AM, Steve Kinney wrote:
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On 02/01/2017 11:03 AM, Razer wrote:
I make a note of exactly who they are and put them on my 'no
mercy' mental list (and I have an excellent memory for faces)

If I ever have an inkling I might be involved in an altercation
with them they'll NEVER have time to grab their little dickie and
the first of many things I break is their soft little dick-handing

Big words:

Observe the typical prog.

Then observe the typical gun owner.

Progs do not have a chance.

Recall the altercation outside Milo's talk when the bald man with brass knuckles and a knife and the assistance of his numerous buddies attacked the short middle aged guy in a yellow hat.

The attack went on for twelve seconds before yellow hat chose to use his gun. Facing two new adversaries in front of him, and glancing at the bald man behind him out of the corner of his eye, he pulled his gun and cleared a line of retreat with one shot.

Despite being attacked by multiple assailants for twelve seconds, one of them employing brass knuckles, he suffered no injuries that would have impaired his ability to fight or shoot, or even provoke him to draw his gun. He only drew his gun when the bald man got additional reinforcements cutting off his line of escape.

And this is absolutely typical of every conflict I have seen. Progs either hit and run, or they attack a dozen on one. They are absolutely terrified of an equal fight, and with good reason to be terrified.