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Re: How to act in self defense - concealed carry saves the day

On 02/01/2017 01:22 AM, Ben Tasker wrote:

Given that the per-capita rate of crimes the US counts as "Violent Crimes" are an absolute shitload lower in the UK, I'm more than happy not to own a handgun in exchange. Given the huge variance between what the US and UK classify as a "Violent crime" the categorical numbers can't be compared directly. If someone breaks into my house overnight, the probability of them having a firearm is incredibly low, so I've got the option to go downstairs and lamp them with whatever's at hand without worrying about getting shot the second I appear on the stairs.

I LOVE IT when gun nuts talk about their little metal peckers in public.


I make a note of exactly who they are and put them on my 'no mercy' mental list (and I have an excellent memory for faces)

If I ever have an inkling I might be involved in an altercation with them they'll NEVER have time to grab their little dickie and the first of many things I break is their soft little dick-handing hand.

#NaziPunch #ProTip / #SafetyFirst

THINK before you punch! (and don't tuck your thumb either in K?)