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Re: immigration to a libertarian "nation" - by personal sponsorhip only?

On Wed, 1 Feb 2017 02:10:24 +1100
Zenaan Harkness <zen AT freedbms.net> wrote:

> I'm thinking there are some folks who might appreciate the inescapable
> libertarian conclusion re immigration, yes?

	Sorry, I don't think you came to any libertarian conclusion. 

	But here is THE libertarian conclusion from Spooner, who
	had better libertarian credentials than you. 

	"The question still remains, how comes such a thing as "a
	nation" to exist? How do millions of men, scattered over an
	extensive territory --- each gifted by nature with individual
	freedom; required by the law of nature to call no man, or body
	of men, his masters; authorized by that law to seek his own
	happiness in his own way, to do what he will with himself and
	his property, so long as he does not trespass upon the equal
	liberty of others; authorized also, by that law, to defend his
	own rights, and redress his own wrongs; and to go to the
	assistance and defence of any of his fellow men who may
	be suffering any kind of injustice --- how do millions of such
	men come to be a nation, in the first place? How is it that
	each of them comes to be stripped of his natural, God-given
	rights, and to be incorporated, compressed, compacted, and
	consolidated into a mass with other men, whom he never saw;
	with whom he has no contract; and towards many of whom he has
	no sentiments but fear, hatred, or contempt? How does he become
	subjected to the control of men like himself, who, by nature,
	had no authority over him; but who command him to do this, and
	forbid him to do that, as if they were his sovereigns, and he
	their subject; and as if their wills and their interests were
	the only standards of his duties and his rights; and who compel
	him to submission under peril of confiscation, imprisonment,
	and death?

	Clearly all this is the work of force, or fraud, or both."

	BOSTON: PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR, No. 14 Bromfield Street. 1867.

	Force, or fraud, or both. Not hard to understand...