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Re: Trump will NEVER turn America into a White nation!

On 2/1/2017 5:03 AM, juan wrote:
	So it clearly follows that the correct libertarian position on
	travel is *open* *government* borders. And so any sort of
	support for government restrictions on travel across government
	borders is not libertarian.

And if Islamic State drives five hundred technicals, one hundred armored personnel carriers, and one hundred tanks across the border?

In general, what do libertarians do when the other guys organize collective violence on the basis of race, religion, or ideology?

It is not just actual states, like Islamic state. Any cohesive religion or ethnicity can and frequently does do stuff that is somewhat like what a state can do. As for example recent drastic reversals of gentrification by black people collectively engaged in activities that are rather close to ethnic cleansing of whites.

Conversely, any functional state is held together by a ruling tribe, ethnicity, religion, or ideology, and if the ruling tribe loses cohesion, or people lose faith in the ruling ideology or religion, the state is apt to fall apart.

Orthodox Jews have enclaves in places where most nonblacks would find it difficult because they can engage in collective defense against blacks without being deemed nazis and fascists.

Cohesive groups can predate on incohesive categories and frequently do. If you find a cohesive group is predating on you, what are you going to do?