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Fwd: Re: Trolling the CIA Like a Boss

Hi, Digitalfolklore!

Hope you wanted to send this message to cypherpunks lists, not for me in special.  :)

I don't know exactly what is happening, but received some strange private messages in different channels about Wikileaks.  Err...  Why me?  Did someone say something or is just my famous oriental charm?  :-/

Usually, I love Wikileaks, but I do not support some of their last actions.  Everybody knows about strange leaks to manage USA elections, the Turkish leaks and deleted bizarre tweets.  These things annoyed me a lot.

I wasn't tweeting in the last times, but, few days ago, I admiss I tweeted about  <https://ourresponse.org>  and retweeted one of Wikileaks' account tweets about Jake.  Just it. 

Only a cordial relationship between an institucional account and a poor unknowed follower, who had lost a lot of friends, contacts and followers in last months.  I am only lurking on twitter, avoiding flaming wars and boring people.  No much patience for all the drama.

It's my usual behaviour in foreign lists too.  I only broke my typical pattern because of Jake.  I was already an old reader here and on tor-talk list, before being kickbanned.  I am very noisy and chaotical, and my English stinks more than someone's... little cat!  So, silence is always more comfortable for me, even being a talkative troll.  :)

Am I guilty of some of their bad leaks and was not informed about it yet?  They were noisy and chaotical, but not mine!  :)

Ah, I always make a lot of strange things, but not personalized panties.  If you want Snodew or Assange panties, you can suggest the idea to Wikileaks.  Certainly they will be very sexy, but not like the charming "Put in" panties, hihi!  :)

It would be fun to use Tor Project panties.  I still use their stickers in my notebooks and devices, even after all this mess.  It's a pity that g-strings have no much area to onions or Schneier facts, hahaha!!!  ;D


There are Schneier Facts T-shirts, but cryptography in panties would be awesome, wow!!!  Loved the idea!!! Ok, I will consider it just for fun!  <3

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waiting for wikileaks to make one with Snowden  on it

no one mentioning the Turkish leaks with all the women voters names in plain text, phone numbers, addresses?

good old wikileaks keeping the innocent safe


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> > He DOES know how to charm the media....
> Yep, so much charm...  ;)
> http://9gag.com/gag/a44bPMA
> And you can use it to avoid rapes too.  It certainly will kill any healthy libido, aff...  Uglier than elephant underwear for men!  (>_<) ugh!!!