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Re: "Deleting WhatsApp chats doesn’t delete shit nothing."

On 07/29/2016 11:54 PM, grarpamp wrote:

> I laught at all this bullshit.
> If you don't personally know interlocutor or can't be bothered
> to look them up and nego acceptable flag waving pursuant
> to id'd comms, you're stupid.
> All this buddy list contact list email @ phone number sharing
> invite feature bullshit is well NON feature and privacy fucking
> NSA tracking advertising BULLSHIT.
> Advertise your own discrete contact fingerprints on nets or
> be happy as random anons.

Ahem... I don't mean to sound profound here, but you can do both. You
can have a public and secret presence on the intertubz. It DOES help
dramatically if you have two entirely different sets of communications
tools but even it you don't ...

How arrogant are the 99.9999% of users to think they're more than a
flyspeck on the windshield of the NSA's locomotive? That you matter to
them and are worth spending more than a few nanoseconds on?


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