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Re: Deconstructing an Institutional Slander operation: @ioerror et al...

On Jul 28, 2016 5:02 PM, "juan" <juan.g71@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > https://ourresponse.org/
> >we know that there are struggles around sexism.
>         sexism? What?
> >We should use this moment to grow and make things better, not destroy the movement
>         What movement? The movement of pentagon propagandists?
> > there needs to be a positive agenda around sexism
>         Translation : we *are* feminazis and we have no principled objection about an aberration like the 'tor project'. We are just upset because one member of our mafia got a dose of our own medicine! It can't get any more self-parodic than this...

Juan, I love you, but you are very 'mal cogido' and need chocolate desperately, hunfs!  You know I don't respect men with more premenstrual tension than me, ugh!  :P

Please, after eating carbohydrates, think a bit and remember I am not a feminazi.  If I was a feminazi, I would pretend being a victim right now, making lots of drama, writing fake statements about how much you, bad bad Juan, make me feel horrible because I am a poor and fragile little girl and I need the group's protection, oooh...  Poor me!  Someone, please, help me!  When it is convenient, I am not able of doing anything by mylself, in special without spread all the drama and hate in a twitter timeline or stupid Facebook posts!  :'(

I am a feminist, not a feminazi, Juan.  Same rights, dear.  It's more fun and interesting being a girl and, as said before, I can do the same things than you, but using make-up, dress and high heels.  And lots of pearls, oink oink!  :D

Do you remember when those "victims" wrote that some women were using their sexuality to attack other women?  Ah!  When they are supposedly raped, Jake is guilty.  When I am raped and tell publicly what means being a real victim, I am using my sexuality against other women.  Do you understand the difference?  I do not. 

The people who signed this petition believe in Justice, in never using sexism in witches hunter without proofs, without due process.

Take care and eat chocolate, dear!  :*