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Re: Deconstructing an Institutional Slander operation: @ioerror et al...

Suzie Dawson is an awesome example of someone who has taken their own
life experiences of pain, humiliation and presumably devastation, and
become such a powerful voice for justice.

Thanks for posting this Rayzer... important to get out this message.


On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 08:33:48PM -0700, Rayzer wrote:
> A pretty good rundown of how social disruption works.

> Lots of links and embedded images of tweets etc in-post...
> Read online:
> http://theindicter.com/the-weaponising-of-social-part-1-the-crucifixion-of-ioerror/
> theindicter.com
> The Weaponising Of Social Part 1: The Crucifixion of IOError
> by The Indicter
> Thanks to a small group of supposed anonymity-protecting privacy
> activists thousands of people now know the name of Jacob Appelbaum’s
> fiancée`. Even those that didn’t want to.
> We found it out by reading an extremely controversial website launched a
> week ago, that had a few sparse accounts of some nasty sounding
> happenings allegedly involving Jacob, with promises of more to come.
> No one truly concerned with privacy issues should care if Jacob has a
> fiancée let alone who she is, out of respect for his right to a private
> life and because it is patently obvious that attacks on him shouldn’t
> extend to her.
> Her name was later removed after the bulk of the damage had been done,
> without any editorial admission that it had ever been there in the first
> place.
> Unfortunately, that simple yet far-reaching invasion of privacy, is only
> the tip of the iceberg.
> [Update 12/06/16: Detractors are claiming the above is factually
> incorrect as they say Appelbaum is no longer engaged. The source was the
> smear website itself, which named Appelbaum’s ‘partner’, then removed
> her name and called her his ‘fiancée’, and now implies past tense. IMO,
> who he is or isn’t engaged to is frankly his own business. The point
> stands.]
> Preamble
> In a strange paradox, Jacob Appelbaum’s accusers both want to deny any
> relevance between their accusations and him being a known target of the
> US government as a result of the nature of his work, while having the
> clearly stated aim of wanting to prevent him from being able to continue it.