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US NY DA Wants Crypto Rolled Back


Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. called on Apple and Google
to weaken their device encryption, arguing that thousands of crimes
remained unsolved because no one can crack into the perpetrators'
phones. Vance, speaking at the International Conference on Cyber
Security here, said that law enforcement officials did not need an
encryption "backdoor," sidestepping a concern of computer-security
experts and device makers alike. Instead, Vance said, he only wanted
the encryption standards rolled back to the point where the companies
themselves can decrypt devices, but police cannot. This situation
existed until September 2014, when Apple pushed out iOS 8, which Apple
itself cannot decrypt. "Tim Cook was absolutely right when he told his
shareholders that the iPhone changed the world,"

Of course without actually seeing what's on the phones
such claims "unsolved" cannot be made. Even more
stupid since telcos, providers and NSA have backups
of same data.