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Re: Court Forces Fingerprint Phone Unlock

On 07/26/2016 03:01 PM, John Newman wrote:

On Jul 26, 2016, at 1:49 PM, jim bell <jdb10987@yahoo.com> wrote:

There's another set of possibilities.  Usually, a person has 10 fingers.  They can presumably be scanned in two different axes (or more), and in two different directions, each.   With some additional software, some of those could be assigned to be "duress codes", designed to re-encrypt the data if the person whose fingers are being scanned wants to do that.  Further, again with additional programming, the fingerprint scan function could be automatically disabled if it hadn't been used for an extended period of time.
         Jim Bell

This would be an amazing addition to cyanogenmod ;)


Give it the middle finger to do a full reset to factory specs!


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