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Re: [tor-talk] EU Intel Property Office Report Hates on Tor, Bitcoin, Bittorrent, Goods Pirates and Models

Just a short answer to your rant - you are correct about the embrace of mp3. Had they done it sooner, they would of banked in quite a bit of money.


Conrad Rockenhaus

On 2016-07-25 09:44, Friet Pan wrote:
Sounds a bit like the war on drugs.

They refuse to look at the cause of the problem, but jump around the
effect like their pants are on fire.

oooo the effect is sooooooooo scary, but refuse to see that THEY are
the ones who caused it.

In case of the music industry, they ignored MP3, then they ignored,
napster and co. then they sued napster when the damage was done and
out of control.

If they had embraced MP3 in the very beginning, and had ran their own
donwload sites at fair prices, then there would not have been a need
for pirates, it wouldn't even make sense.

But the music industry is greedy, and always wants MORE profit, so
they make stuff artificially expensive and then moan that people give
copies to their friends. I have an insane record collection, and when
i download a track that i already own on Vinyl, on CD, or on BOTH,
then they still want MORE money, i already paid the damn thing TWICE,
so why is it a problem to download it?. Is it illegal? NO. Then why
moan about it?
And if there is no money in making music, then why do studio's still
record music?, Why do record labels still produce music? If there was
no profit then there would be no product. They still make music, and
still make a living.  And now people try before they buy, they
download, and find new music that the industry does not promote on the
radio. And more artist make a chance to make money, all over the
world, not in a small region.

So that part is one big lie. Torrents do more music promotion then
what radio ever accomplished.

But thats off topic i guess...  I had to say something about it. It's
just silly.

If you want fame in the 21th century, then make sure you have a
torrent available. And you can make yourself more popular then
21thcentury fox can do for you with all the money in the world.

And for TAX it doesn't matter, Servers make TAX, advertisment makes
TAX, Concerts make TAX, more then ever before.

I'm not promoting piracy, i'm only saying that the music industy is
barking up the wrong tree, torrents SELL MUSIC and without the need of
bribing corrupt radio hosts.. It's cheaper then radio.

The other topic have similar answers, movie industry is a bit
different, buy they could have used torrent as a distribution
mechanism, and made money without expensive servers and datapipes.

It's their own mistake, and now they need someone to blame. So if TOR
can protect people who are human and share their cooking recipes then
that's all good. Without sharing data the human race would be more
like a bunch of chimps fighting over a branch. If the music industry
manages to put us in a zoo where we need to pay to look outside, then
we are like chimps in a boring zoo without any visitors.

thats not human....

Damn, i got pissed.... My apologies for my ranting... i'll buy some
music next week...

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A new report published by the European Union Intellectual Property
Office ....

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