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Fw: <nettime> Sex, onions and CIA

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Subject: <nettime> Sex, onions and CIA

(assuming that most nettimers don't wade in the dark pastebin swamps)
(for the related CIA agent inside Tor story, see http://pastebin.com/WPAmqkW8 )


I am in the security community and work on Tor.

There are number of facts behind the campaign to destroy Jake that I know of. Some are personal. Some are political. Some are cultural.

1) the US government is responsible for the majority of Tor financing. This funding stream was put at risk by Jake's publication of NSA documentation in Der Spiegel and his cooperation with WikiLeaks and the CCC. Jake's constant mention of WikiLeaks and Snowden to use Tor was also an important irritation.

2) Shari's appointment as the Executive Director of Tor; the entrance of Alison Macrina

3) Jake's internal opposition to Tor hiring a CIA contractor last year. This is still not public knowledge

4) The rise of the "micro-aggression/trigger/safe space/victim" American subculture

5) A sexual culture clash between Germany and the United States; the regular use of MDMA in the Berlin scene

6) Jake, although a vulnerable person in broader US society, has "rockstar" social capital in a subculture with scarce resources (women, prestige, finance)

7) The creeping "NGO"ization of Tor

8) Old enemies and rivals of Jake trying to payback; Jake has slept with hundreds of women and men. Some he has not kept good relations with. There are many envious sexually unsuccessful men, angry lovers & their partners and professional & political rivals. Over time, in this small pond and its extended community, they found each other and formed a bloc to "Jake destroy".

9) Jake has an extreme attention seeking, exhibitionist personality; He often uses sexual jokes or sexual swagger to attract attention and leaps on the spotlight. Roger's strategy was to allow Jake to take the light so that others were safe in obscurity.

The three main reasons why the US government fund Tor are (1) so ​​people in China and Iran have access to US propaganda sites (2) for its spies to conduct hacking attacks (GCHQ Snowden docs show Tor as part of the GCHQ attack suite (3)to cover the traces of US agents surfing sites.

Jake has been a threat to Tor financing for years and is seen as such within Tor and espcially by Shari. His flashy work in Der Spiegel with NSA docs and collaboration with Snowden, WikiLeaks & Poitras drove people mad with fear and jealousy. 

Jake caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of funding problems in past years and financing fears until his resignation.

For several years people have looked for a way to get him out.

Jacob stayed in the DPRK and Cuba earlier this year, which must have increased concern for Tor funding.

Last year Jake internally outed an attempted CIA hiring. This also caused bad blood between Jake and those those who supported the hiring.

Nick Farr also was a paid hacking consultant for the CIA.

Roger interned at the NSA and his wife has a security clearance and accepted money from DARPA/Pentagon to de-anonymize people. Although it is not considered within Tor that Roger is a risk, he is comfortable with these close links with intelligence power, which is a risk if it is the standard for Tor staff. That the US government is happy for Shari and Roger's spouses to have security clearances is also unsettling.

It is publicly known that Shari husband worked for the Pentagon (he is quoted in Forbes as previous tech director for DoD). People in Tor say that he worked for the NSA on the XKeyscore mass interception system. He is now officially a VP at Amazon, but it is said he still advises the government.

Andrea has false rape accusations in the past including about a journalist from Pando. She is also an exhibitionist.

Meredith Patterson has a campaign to get Jake to commit suicide. She has a long-standing feud with Jake and used it distract from her own role in pushing her husband Len to suicide. Most people in Tor believe that Meredith or Andrea are behind the "@TimeToDieJake" account (which became "@VictimsOfJake"). On June 13, it tweeted "@ioerror Tick tock. Looking forward to the days ahead? We are. But don't worry. There's an easy way out. Just ask Len."

Andrea and Meridith are girlfriends / lovers. Andrea was born male must as flashy "side with women" to gain acceptance. Both are exhibitionists.

The mad Meredith, cheered by Andrea, took an actual hammer to lunge at Englishman "Sam the Techie" at a 2013 summer camp. The cause was sexual allegation gossip. Then they defamed him together with another heavy exhibitionist griefer "Asher Wolf". They made him a pariah and drove him from the "community". He disappeared in 2014 and was last seen with a lost mind, homeless. They feel untouchable power from this.

Isis is jealous of credit for Tor development and angry about Jake's rejection. She is also an ideological player and majored in feminist theory.

In Tor it is believed that Isis up the attack site.

Alison ("Sam") is the centralizer for "victims". She collects and massages stories.

Alison, a new addition to the Tor, is a "female Jake" very promiscuous, socially dominant, sex on the table, and a Tor evangelist. She only had Jake in the way of her becoming Jake.

The Texas lawyer who wrote the first so-called "analysis" of Jake's statement is Alison's lover (she admits on Twitter).

Many who support the action, if the reasons are not obvious, are the lovers of Alison or others.

A fake address, jacobappelbaum@yandex.ru was created and pushed the fake website to tor-talk mailing list (the message is still there) during the initial attack launch.

Recent reviews for Poitras' "risk" were very flattering to Jacob, driving rivalries.

Many people were getting jealous of Jake basking in limelight, especially some of the newer Tor developers who felt he was showered with credit for their hard work. They did not accept Roger's strategy. The media often misreported that Jake was the "lead" Tor developer which angered them; he developed very little.

The attack is a serious attempt, abetted by bad media to make Jake look like a serial rapist with language and semantic tricks. They conflate "incidents" of plagiarism, propositioning, telling off-color jokes or violations of privacy with a single incident of alleged "rape" to falsely suggest there is a dozen. There is only one claim where the allegation, if true, can be categorized as any kind of "rape". An anonymous Internet post by "River" claims that Jake had sex with her in front of others when she was intoxicated when she had previously indicated she wanted to have sex, but privately.

Nasty gossip about women is spread by the women in the Tor community. Alison had her own affair with Jake so "River" was a rival. Alison and others tried to diminish her sexual social value by spreading gossip that she had sex with Jake in front of others.

Sexual competition between the women in the enlarged Tor community is hard and sneaky. While there is an oversupply of men, giving women sexual power and entitlement, there is a severe undersupply of handsome sane men. Globe-trotting charismatic hacker rebels have to no in-group pressure to marry. Freedom is more virtuous than stability.

A few months later (as indicated in the post) River came to say that after speaking to others she understood that Jake had "raped" her. This helped to counter the (mostly false) gossip that she was a "slut". The new narrative: that she was the victim of drug and sexual predation. Whatever the truth of the assertions of this incident, it has been proven that those campaigning against Jake have outrageously used this single anonymous claim of conditional consent rape without evidence or witnesses to paint him to be the raper of a dozen.

Ironically, it is those with a reputation for promiscuity, like Alison, who are they most aggressive spreaders of sexual gossip. Why? Becuase spreading sexual gossip about a female reduces her social-sexual value (which is still often linked to sexual scarcity). This undermines not only the competition, but also makes life easier for the really promiscuous, because it gives rise to the false impression that female promiscuity is the norm.

Women are angry when they manage to track down the source of sexual gossip about them. But the socially manipulative gossips in the Tor comunity, including Allison and Jillian York EFF (also called highly promiscuous and the central player in EFF in this saga) have an extremely disingenuous pretext: "concern".

Under the fancy dress of "concern" about successive men, they have reduced the sexual-social value of dozens of women that I know of. It is an evil thing.

Despite Jake living three years in exile in Germany, it is Americans that express discomfort. There is an incestuous connection of people between EFF, Tor & FPF; Shari was Executive Director of EFF is now on the board of the EFF and has become the Executive Director of Tor. Tor was an EFF project. Trevor Timm is now FPF Executive Director but was at EFF. York and many other anti-Jake people are at EFF; some have even made public anti-Jake statements. However EFF represents Jake as his lawyers. Incredible.

Both Tor and EFF have performed in an extremely unprofessional manner. Their spectacular failure is an expression of a cultural and ideological cul-de-sac, where State Department funding and hi-tech pseudo-anarchists embrace the shifting sexual norms of "safe space" Twitter identity politics. The mixuture? It is in their lungs. It fills the air. They are blind. The cannot see their own cultural imperialism. Sad.

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