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Re: Fwd: [ PFIR ] Clinton campaign -- and some cyber experts -- say Russia is behind email release

Long sigs indicate the writer has forgotten what is automatically
inserted after the nym, or wishes to disavow vanity when it is
no longer needed to overcome depression and self-loathing
with narcissim of outdated accomplishments. Ads for oneself
with every message is the root cause of climate change and
the rise of terrorism and wretchedly inept comsec.

Schneier's Crypto-gram the most bloated adverselfie,
SM nothing but fatuous sigs.

Cypherpunks, OTOH, is pure hygienic content, never a cross word

At 07:07 PM 7/24/2016, you wrote:

On Jul 24, 2016 7:27 PM, "John Young" <<mailto:jya@pipeline.com>jya@pipeline.com> wrote:
> Sig hell!

Hmm... Sorry, if you are trying to offend my friend, the correct expression is "Sieg Heil"... :P

Well, he doesn't deserve it, but "Sig hell" is more offensive because it's wrong twice... :P