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Re: For ZH.... The religion of hate in one image and a few words

On 07/24/2016 10:53 AM, Bastiani Fortress wrote:

Islam forbids interest (interest as an economy term), and a bank in turkey has been taking interest in such a complicated way (i don't know how, exactly) that it claims they do not take interest and is halal to attract fundematalist clients :D Islam in many ways does resemble socialism, but it's still total bullshit in many other ways. (i say this as an atheist, living in turkey btw)

My understanding is the Islamic banks have a 'workaround'. Instead of charging interest you simply owe the loan amount plus whatever the interest is. If you borrow $100 and the interest is 5% you've borrowed $105 dollars. Except for the more extreme fundamentalists, it's been accepted that way for a long time.

No one said "point 5" was gonna be easy...

Ps. As I was reading Gadaffi's 'Little Green Book' online a while back I noted his ideas had a lot in common with Anarcho-Syndicalism.


24.07.2016, 11:38, "Mirimir" <mirimir@riseup.net>:

On 07/23/2016 11:20 PM, Rayzer wrote:

 On 07/23/2016 10:05 PM, Mirimir wrote:
 On 07/23/2016 10:35 PM, Александр wrote:


 Thank you, Rayzer! It's extremely important to purify the True
 Islamic Religion/Quran from all the garbage the western
 fuckers/crazy extremists have put on it.
 Except for the religious bullshit, it's not far off

 Like Christianity... It doesn't HAVE TO be capitalist but note
 point 5. "It is forbidden in Islam to ignore the reality of
 contemporary times..." Contemporary times is Crapitalist times, and
 organized religions, for better or worse, will go with that flow.

I think that there's market-based stuff in Islam that predates Western
capitalism. There's also a lot that anticipates socialism. Building on
Christianity. I sometimes wonder where we'd be if Islam had gone
global before Christianity did.

 As little as I like organized religions they ARE a vehicle for
 moving masses of people in a given direction. Too bad psychopaths
 take over just as surely as they take over corporations and any
 other organizational structure.

Yes, too bad :(

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