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Re: Instead of only bashing tor, why not discuss the alternatives?

>> As an aside, I heard critique of Riffle: MIT are allegedly in bed with
>> USA. Don't know it this makes sense or not.
> 	Of course it does. As a matter of fact tor cunts dingledine and
> 	syverson are part of mit, or part of mit projects like
> 	'dissent'.

MIT is not as cohesive as people seem to think.  Some groups might as well
be at DARPA while others don't take military funding.  The university
really doesn't care.  On that basis, I don't think the MIT name is enough
to credit or discredit a project.  You really have to look at the history
of the research group.

Additionally this was a grad student's project for a thesis requirement so
by department policy it can't contain any confidential information.