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Re: Instead of only bashing tor, why not discuss the alternatives?

On 07/20/2016 08:56 AM, Spencer wrote:
> Hi,
>>>> Rayzer:
>>>> NONE could be used by a journalist right NOW.
> i2p mail works just fine XD
>> Rayzer:
>> I suspect the shiny gui is a venue for security risks.
> How ?
> Wordlife,
> Spencer

Not a coder so I can't supply anything more than a hunch but the
graphics security end of the 'user experience' was just recently noted here:


IOW, if you're using any browser but MS Edge Netflix DRM coding
apparently doesn't work, and many guis use browser 'parts' or... ahem,
Java, to display a gui.

Another example was the hacked LOIC dDos tool so popular with anons a
few years ago. You plugged in an IRC address/channel and the tool was
remotely operated. By whom, and what logs were kept was, and still is,
unknown. But that sort of spying is almost too crass to list as a
security flaw. The users were their own worse enemies


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