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Re: [tor-talk] webmail send while using TOR is tagged as spamends up in spam


Am 19.07.2016 um 07:13 schrieb Friet Pan:
> use yahoo to mail with mailinglists but i use TOR to connect to yahoo.
> tuns out that all my posts now end up in everyones spam folders. 

SPAM filters are using the client IP in mail header for  classification,
if this information was added by the mail provider.

Yahoo! adds the the client IP (in your case the IP of an Tor exit node)
to the first "received from" mail header. May be, some Tor exit relays
are listed in some DNSBL?

You may try a Tor-friendly mailprovider or at least a mail provider,
which doesn't add the client IP to the mailheader. I think, this will
solve most problems with false positve SPAM.

Best regrads
Karsten N.
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