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Re: [tor-talk] FBI cracked Tor security

On 7/18/16, Mirimir <mirimir@riseup.net> wrote:
> Anyway, what does Tor Project gain by not mentioning Whonix?

That's a bit sideways, but in the interest of sideways eventually
moving forward...

1) Funding of sorts, which spreads around, to develop TBB, a sizable
prioject, to do decent things a browser should do, hopefully feeding
back to Mozilla. Were certain elements of security left uninvestigated
and just punted to Whonix+FF, well that's a incomplete partial approach
too. If you want funds, you might not want to publish other partial solutions.

Securing the browser and browser meta is a fine project.
And as has been said, it's still needed to pair the app with
defense in depth and a known line around application land.
Just remember TBB and Tor are not and cannot be that line.

2) Captured audience dependency. As with publishing,
this is corporate 101. Giving someone an app is well...
welcome to apps, and a torbox to run them on. Like
iTunes on iPhone.

Giving someone unix is like airdropping a great big box
of freedom their way. Here, have some free beer...


Or whatever it is penquins drink...

Or a fine Javanese app...

3) Like I said, the real reason is probably a bit more mundane...
nobody signed on to update the content. Tor has money, go
hire yourself.
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