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Re: on grokiing intention

Zen, you swallowed their provocations which misled all the discussion toward "putin VS us"/ oh, you misspelled my naaaame ;( / another bullshit -> which is NOT the issue here at all. Reread your first-core comment/essay which began all this thread and you'll see this total misdirection they lead you to-> which you are swallowing here instead of ignoring.

You violated the balance (you know what i'm talking about) and all this became a squash + vast lost of energy for you.
And here i will quote Jesus Christ:
"Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine"

I want to protect you, so i write it to you (again) - STOP this conversation. You wrote in a perfect manner your first essay/statement. The others - Guninski's trollings/ AND almost empty OR MISleading comments by others ... -> thus all this thread became casting pearls before pigs (and those who are the pigs - know whom i'm talking about. and i'm not talking only about those who write, but who read too).

So... STOP. Please STOP, my precious friend.
Take a contrast shower.
Go for a walk.
Listen to good music.
Read some good poetry/something abstract.
Watch some good old movie.
Take a good sleep.
Give some rest for your body and soul.
And try to be "quite" for a few days (at least).

You don't have the "duty" to answer ANY provocation/arrow/bullshit somebody writes (and in many cases even good point).
You have a duty TO POINT something important out. And that's what you did by opening this thread and writing from the depth of your heart. All the rest is stupid loss of precious energy and feeding the conscious evil or just stupid people-pigs here. And that's not your intention if you are not crazy.

Your Brother,

Everything what's written here refers NOT ONLY to this thread alone.