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Re: on grokiing intention

> > Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> > To those who intentionally perpertrate deception, confusion, lies and
> > evil, may the warriors of sanity tear your evil words to shreds!
> >
> Amen, brother.
> Georgi Guninski wrote:
> > Well, if I don't believe in my world view, whom to believe?
> > Your pro-commie propaganda?
> I can't believe i read such a boolshit comment from a human being with mind.
> Zenaan wrote ... teared his chest apart and took out his heart, put it down
> in front of all of us in this comment/essay (and not only here).. and what
> do we see? Such a superficial, stupid, arrogant comment.

Oh it is too easy to be harsh. I have been harsh much too much in the
past (not so distant past too I might add - apologies again).

To get to clarity inside ourselves is a long journey. I am hearing
George's heart here - perhaps just a bit lost in his head, that is all.
I get very lost in mine, far too often :/

Better perhaps to cut each other a little more slack - that's what I
want for myself anyway.

Passion is good, defence of good intentioned people who are being
attacked is also good.

I ask myself: how can we accomplish these goals, and make sure we help
build up people who are wanting to be "good" by grokking their own
conscience, finding their own center, and hopefully eventually acting in
the world without just paving another road to hell.

May be not easy, but all we have is each other. Need to expand the field
of those who might act to help the world, as much as possible.

> > the majority of your posts on this lists boil down to:
> > u$a bad (true IMHO), russia good (false IMHO).
> Again. super-superficial

Well, it is a genuine viewpoint, and I have not exactly posted much
"negative" stuff about Russia. I see and agree that there is some
negative stuff about Russia (some of the corrupt regional governors are
finally getting a few lessons, but I assume there are quite a few more
out there - hopefully they get the message and live a higher game going
forward - we can only hope; also the backdoor for all encryption and
ISPs must store all data for X period of time - it's pretty bad stuff,

I said it before, but: on a whole-world scale, I think the world
desperately needs a counter-force to USA.

It is my firm opinion, in the face of the attempts by Saddam and Qaddafi
(Qaddafi was deceived big time after his help to USA after 9/11, another
despotic USA double cross and back stabbing - absolutely despicable!) to
sell their oil in Euros (not Dinars, Euros mind you!) and the
consequences thereafter, that Russia is the only man standing between
USA hegemony, and a slightly software multi polar world.

SO, strategically, we ABSOLUTELY NEED Russia.

Who else can stop the hegemon? Even Russia cannot stop the hegemon by
herself, but China, Brazil, and other countries were willing to take a
stand behind Russia. How can we not be grateful for this? Brazil and
other countries have since taken a beating, China keeps getting
threatened, Russia is under eternal sanctions and her allies and buffer
zones are being attacked and undermined, but together these nations are
standing against the bully, the United States of America. Together they
are still standing, despite the multitudinous attacks on the global

I really, really hope that this stand against the global bully that is
the USA, continues, and prevails.

I hope that the USA hegemony falls - no matter the cost to North America
or her allies, since the devastating cost that the USA is wreaking upon
the world is unforgivable!

The USA's actions over the last endless years, continuing today, day in
and day out, is unforgivable!

The hegemon must be brought down.

(Sorry for being so wordy!)

(PS Alex, thank you for your heart and your passion - what I thought was
obvious, and is obvious to you, was evidently not so obvious.)