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Re: Fwd: Call for input to President's Commission on Enhancing Cybersecurity - bridging the trust gap between the IT community and the US government

This "answer" must be printed and put on the desk of not only this "researcher", but on the desk of all the congressman.

Couldn't stop myself from reposting this harsh piece of truth again, Zenaan. With "amen" on every basic statement of it.

in the US government this "balance" or "favouring of righteousness" is almost never achieved.

The US government drones people to death, every day, all around the
world, based on meta data that it collects globally to the greatest
extent possible.

These daily killings by the US, done via the IT infrastructure centred at
Ramstein Air Base in Germany, established by the "IP"ers "technology"
and "security" "professionals" of America, these killings are all
extra-judicial, outside any court case, outside anything resembling
democracy or the rule of law!


The US North American regime has year after year, since World War 2,
deceived the people, bombed other people, unilaterally acted in war, and
generally been highly despotic in its actions.

How can this possibly be brought to a stop?

North America has sold and bombed away every shred of honor, decency and
democracy that it ever had.
Therefore the US government has no credibility.
The US government is not a legitimate government.
The US government is not accountable where it matters - in respect of
killing people in other sovereign nations.
The US government does not respect the rule of law.
The US government is not a democracy.

There are SO many problems with the US government, that any attempt to
help it, is only going to help kill more people, daily, around the
world, outside of any acceptable process, by the US military.

This all has to stop.

In the eyes of those who seek righteousness and goodness in the world,
can you provide any reason for hope?

The North American government has no high moral ground; no moral ground
at all;
it violates what the common man would consider ethical or moral at every
turn, since World War 2 and indeed before!

Why should we help you?
What's in it for our human brothers and sisters in Iraq, Syria, France,
North America, Latin America, China, Russia and everywhere else in the

Western governments appear entirely lacking self awareness when it comes
to what they do (which is a lot of evil actions amongst other things)

Western governments appear entirely lacking self awareness when it comes
to how they are perceived by people who directly suffer the consequences of
the "government" not upholding and protecting the absolute human rights
of the people in its own country let alone other countries, as well as
in the eyes of those who witness such injustices.

*** If some country started conducting extra-judicial drone killings of US
citizens on US soil, do you think there might be an uproar?
That's the BEST comparison ever!

and those "interests" of the government, which "should"
be aligned with the people, but never seem to be!

Are you able to affect any real change?

despotic global surveillance infrastucture that the US
government and its organs has put in place and uses to unilaterally kill
people daily (CIA: "we kill people based on meta data")

despotic intentions and methods
of globabl surveillance and despotic actions of killing people daily
without any trial, without any conviction, without any testing of
evidence and without any jury of ones peers

you will be personally contributing to this evil that the world suffers at the hands
of the US government today.

More and more humans being killed.
Herb/ Joy/mr. X/Y/Z, can you help to stop this?
The question is, whether he/we WANT to or.... the warm bed and the nice suit is more important...
The moment he WANTS -> HE "SUDDENLY" CAN.

This global illegal communications intercepting and meta data and actual
data collecting infrastructure, is used on a daily basis to drone kill
people all over the world, outside of any judicial process, outside of
any "democratic" consent of 'the people' other than implied tacit
consent by apathy and momentum

Can you help to stop these daily illegal killings?
Again, this question refers to EVERY HUMAN BEING. Especially on this list.

The supreme authority of the people, both collectively as well as
individually, must be acknowledged, publicly, by any government to
consider itself legitimate

All 'significant' decisions (say anything costing more than $1000, like
unilaterally dropping a drone bomb on a human in a foreign sovereign
country) must be put to the people to decide on, for any "democracy" to
actually be a democracy. Otherwise it is a fascist state, and not a
democracy, and is killing people illegally.

Many humans are schooled, but sadly, not educated.
And "universitized" and even "professored"/big-bossed, but still, not educated!

Extra-judicial killing destroys trust, destroys democracy, and destroys
a nation. North America will ultimately suffer the fallout of its
despotic daily illegal killings.

Like killing people daily, completely illegally. That will certainly
destroy trust.

No individual can trust North America.
No nation can trust the North American/ USA government.

Are you surprised that there is an enormous gap of trust?
Are you suggesting that gap is not deserved?
Are you mistakenly believing that the U.S. government is good and
NO, HE IS NOT. Excluding the case that this is a CIA officer OR a dead walking zombie (although i see no big difference)

Killing takes a toll on conscionable humans.

> This rift is not helpful to either side,
It is not helpful to the US government.
But this rift is VERY helpful to we the people. We are suffering the
despotic actions of the US government.

We are suffering the US government:
 - killing people daily, extra-judicially
 - monitoring most of the worlds communications in real time
 - collecting of most of the worlds comms meta data
 - the use of the things we make (computers, networks, crypto systems)
   to kill people extra-judicially on a daily basis
 - the targetting and stalking of our best and fairest (those who want
   to bring the US government to account, to blow the whistle on
   despotic actions)
 - the reckless debt creation
 - the financial meltdown to come, which was mathematically guaranteed
   when the US dollar was taken OFF the gold backing standard
 - endless violations of human rights by the US government, all around
   the world, on a daily basis

We, IPers, crypto nerds, cypher punks, programmers, hackers, crackers,
moms, dads, brothers and sisters, artists and all the rest, we NEED to
maintain distrust of the US government, or for some of us, we will be
killed as a result of our righteous actions!


If we let down our guard, we will be imprisoned for many years simply
for exercising our right of freedom of speech!

HOW DARE you suggest that our distrust is not helpful to our side.
He is desperately LYING, Zen! Those scums want us to SMILE AND ENJOY when they torture our souls and killing our bodies. You see, it's not enough for them just to torture (all of us) and kill (some of us). We should also smile and welcome these actions.and trust them.


When the government is at war with people/ on the other side, of its own
people, and you work for the government, are you on the right side or
the wrong side?


How can you, the government, speak to us like this?


> and I'd like to solicit input from the IP community about what you think the government can do

- destroy all meta data collected

- dismantle the global monitoring infrastructure

- rapproach with Russia (the US MIC needs an enemy to maintain
  justification for its funding)

- dismantle Ramstein Air Base

- respect China

- respect sovereignty of nations

- obtain permission from sovereign democratically elected governments
  before going to war or assisting in any way a civil war within a

- respect international law

- respect the rule of law

It's a good start, USgov. Don't you think?

> what you think the government should refrain from doing
- stop collecting meta data
- stop killing people daily, illegally
- stop overthrowing sovereign nations
- stop frauding your own elections
Stop playing the chosen/god's/best nation of the world. AND START REALLY BECOMING SO.


> Your best examples of things the government (and what part of the
> US government) has done to alienate the IT community specifically.
Using the IT community created infrastructure, to illegally kill people
every day, every week, every month, every year, year after year.
Can this be stopped?

> 2 - Things that the U.S. government could realistically do in the
> short and medium term
Stop killing people illegally, every day, in sovereign countries all
around the world.


> 3 - Things that the U.S. government could realistically do in the
> longer term to do the same.

a. Promise to the world, publicly, repeatedly, to never kill people
illegally again.

b. Promise to the world, publicly, to stop sending weapons to anyone.

c. Promise to the world to start obeying the rule of law, international
law, and the UN Security Council.

Stick to these promises.

I think this answer/reply couldn't be written better.
Thank you very much Zenaan. From me and from many "silent", but smart people on this list.