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Re: schneier's concentration camp

The purpose of cpunks is to host aggressive messages others
with thin skins, reputations, profits, ideologies and egos to protect

Which may explain why deleters appear absent here (many are ghosts)
but do lurk or have lurkers and protection agents watching for slightest
challenge, keeping lists for covert anonymized retribution -- for worst
offenses, extermination -- following the lead of nations and religions.

Moderated fora, Wikipedia the prime example, Tor a slight one, cannot
abide misbehavior or funding will be squeezed or shut down. Govs, NGOs.
coms, are moderated to assure survival of banality as cover for brutality.

Celebrity is moderation, and might be better called tampering.

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On 07/15/2016 10:19 PM, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> Fact: Schnier deleted Juan's post.

Fact. Juan is a TROLL who couldn't possibly have anything rational to
add to anything Schnier posts.

First ad hom and he's gone most anywhere anytime anyway.

Tough darts. No one's got the time for spew.

I have ongoing problems with the local indymedia redacting my comments
because they don't adhere to their unfathomable ideology that I can't
quite identify, so I simply don't bother posting there.

What was it someone said about freedom of the press is OWNING the press?

If Juan has something to say that Bruce Schnier doesn't want to hear or
allow in his comments he should start a blog. Write an open letter and
use all those SEO tricks to get his post noticed by the same people who
read Schnier.

The fallacious assumption you're making here is that Schnier owes him a
soapbox to respond, IF what Juan does can be considered 'responding'. No
one owes anyone shit.