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Re: Tor Replaces Its Entire Board

The removal of content is happening since last month, my dear @grarpamp.  Lots of strange things are happening and there is evident censorship in some places when you mention Jake's name.

This kind of thing makes me feel really upset and I am considering if was correct to avoid cruel gossip, because it is disgusting, vile.  "JA group" used this kind of despicable resource, but they are not a good and healthy reference for normal people, with a little bit of ethics.  "Decent people", using Quinn's favorite _expression_.  "Sane people", in my own code of ethics.

I never asked Jake about this fact, because it would sound disgusting and non sense for him and he already has lots of more relevant worries.  I used this embarrassing information for my personal conviction only.

We can't use this information in a trial, but I am sure he had no sexual contact or approach with one of the alleged victims because he has a very sensitive nose. 

Jake is very clean and really cares a lot about personal hygiene.  Everybody knows how much he cares about his apparence and his smell always is good, even after a longer talk.  A comfortable smell that remembers me "cleanliness", daily baths and use of cleaning products, like soap, shampoo, etc. 

It is an important detail for a Brazilian person.  We do love water and baths.  Brazilians usually are considered "bath addicteds" and "maniacs for cleanliness, hygiene products and perfums" in whole world. 

The girl is knowed in some activist circles for _not_ having an accurate hygiene and for several disgusting intimate smells.  One of her ex-lovers, who I've knowed in person, confirmed me it some weeks ago and I really felt bad for her. 

I don't know her in person and I don't know if she has a disease or just unsanitary, unhygienic habits, but being associated with "sour cream", "rotten cheese" and other bizarre odors is very humilliating.  He never had courage to lick any part of her body and left her after two disastrous sexual meetings.

Jake never would touch a stinky person in an intimate way.  He is too clean for it and he could have sex with a better person very, very easily.  Sorry, I can't believe it.  He probably would reject her sexual advances, exactly like her ex-lover did. 

She is a revengeful person and, well, a rejected woman is the Hell in a human form.  She said his ex-lover is gay and he doesn't like sex to some people.  He is not gay and likes sex a lot, but only with clean women.  Not her case!  :P

It was childish and cruel, but I confess when I was angry, I tried to play with two horrible versions of "Smelly Cat"  (one of Phoebe' songs, Friends sitcom),  provisionally called "Smelly Pussy" and "Smelly Little Cat" just for making Jake laugh a bit.  It was a bad idea and I left it at all.  Jake deserves good music and I sing like a banshee dying, uh!  :((

(I don't know if it is really used, but they teach a pussy is a "little cat" for foreign people and I just learned it can be a bad word when I tried to explain how much I love puppies and kittens to my ex-boyfriend.  I said "I love pussies" and he laughed for a long time before explaining my mistake...  d'oh!  :P)

Tender kisses.  Wish you all a lovely day!  :*

Cecilia, at hospital, in a horrible mood...  I've spent my whole week visiting hospitals and strongly wished to die all the times after reading dramatic Russian propaganda.  Too much drama and noise because of another corrupt politician, who doesn't support LGBTQ rights and censors philosophers, aff...  :(((

PS for @Georgi:  -  Stallman certainly likes scumbags, because is a complete scumbag in some moments.  But I swear he is very funny and cute when in the mood!  <3

I don't know if Jesus loves @Juan, but later I will share a cute comic book named "Religion - Ruining Everything Since 4004 B.C.".  A lovely friend sent me and I read it yesterday, at hospital, while complaining about God's dark humor and bad jokes.

It was published under a Creative Commons license and I need to thank the author for being so generous and fun.  He made me smile while my temperamental body was rejecting medicines, so his book is good, hihi...  ;)