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Re: Tor Replaces Its Entire Board

On 7/15/16, John Newman <jnn@synfin.org> wrote:
> Wtf is or was so important about Appelbaum that would lead to any kind of
> massive conspiratorial smear campaign? Who gains from taking him down?

On both... Are you fucking kidding me?

Even before Snowden censored himself and Assange got locked down...
He's one of the outspoken few that was still out traveling around the world
bringing knowledge of Tor / privacy / human rights / surveillance etc the
whole scope... with zero fear and a solid compelling presentation based
on personal conviction and experience. Others at Tor mostly stayed
to the conference rooms, he was transcending personal rooms even
before joining Tor...


Here he is talking on the subject with a roomful of Muslims in Quwait...

And you want to know who wants to take him down, and how?
Get real. Get fucking real.

Don't expect the new Tor board to support similar work
in the future even if someone doing it fell into their lap.
It's too hot topic, and they'll be too busy playing politik
and law with their US Government now anyway.

Historical narratives indeed...