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Re: Atlantic Council: working with the Russians against al-Qaeda, not feasible, due to long term costs to “America’s reputation”

Russian propaganda is always so interesting and useful...  yawn...  (-_-)  zzzz...

On Jul 15, 2016 1:28 PM, "Zenaan Harkness" <zen@freedbms.net> wrote:
> Last month we were looking for a definition of psychopathic.

Psychopaths are opportunist guys, able of really disgusting acts  - supporting other psychopaths, like Donald Trump, for example -  just for having benefits. 

Exactly what Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un did few months ago, do you remember?  If not, search about.

You should search about KGB methods of torture and about Russian LGBTQ rights too, please.  Putin has much more in common with Trump and CIA than you would like to know.

Oh, and when it is convenient, Putin really appreciate USA a lot!!!  :D


Psychopaths never are very coherent, because they care only about their own interests, not about real values and honor. 

Please, consider using the "Put In panties" all the times when making PR for Putin.  The Russian government will appreciate your cute act of tenderness and the propaganda will be more effective, really unforgettable for everybody. 

At least, we will laugh several times in a week and all this stupid Russian propaganda finally will be useful...  All governments and politicians are really disgusting, ugh!!!  (>_<)*