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Fwd: chris just granted you 15 more invites (ALSO: Keybase Filesystem)

Does anyone want a keybase invite? They just granted me 15 more.

Up till now its been a basically useless service (IMO), although the new keybase filesystem feature actually looks interesting....


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: chris just granted you 15 more invites (ALSO: Keybase Filesystem)
Date: 2016-07-15 09:55
From: "Keybase.io" <notify@keybase.io>
To: jnn@synfin.org

 Dear nixen,

 CHRIS [1] (CHRIS@CHRISCOYNE.COM) just granted you 15 more Keybase
invitations, which you can send to friends. Please use them wisely! The
signup queue is > 25,000 people long right now, and this bypasses the
line entirely.

 There are now TWO WAYS to invite people:

 1. THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY. Use the tab on the top of the website [2].

 2. BY SHARING ENCRYPTED FILES in the Keybase filesystem [3]. Just drop
files in a folder with you and _username@service_, such as
end-to-end encryption. A popup window will arise, like the godhead at
dawn, and tell you what happens next. That is our prophesy.

 _Either way, you're now invited to play with the Keybase filesystem.
Make sure to run the latest Keybase [4] app._


[1] https://keybase.io/chris
[2] https://keybase.io/
[3] https://keybase.io/docs/kbfs
[4] https://keybase.io/download