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Re: Tor Replaces Its Entire Board

On 2016-07-15 08:16, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
There is a phrase, and you can pretend I said this immortal quote but
it would not be the case that I originated it:

"One man can change the world."

A man who stands on principle can be many things which can change a
particular "world" (if not the world at large):

 - the canary in the mine whistleblower, e.g. "keeping the TOR bastards
   honest" and thus causing a lot of angst for those who wanted to use
   Tor for their state-sponsored human-subversive intentions

 - the sole individual who facilitates/ is the conduit for key
transmissions of whistleblowers and their information, to a publisher
   who has infrastructure to publish bypassing national "intelligence
   networks" - e.g. to connect a Chelsie Manning to a Julian Assange.

Remember - there was (perhaps still is, we don't know because it's so
top secretive) a grand jury out to hang draw and quarter Julian Assange, an Australian - I think Australia has an extradition treaty with USA, we
certainly host Pine Gap which is a global hub for the USA/ five eyes.

HUGE resources have been put into this case against Julian
- plane flights

- enrollement of foreign so-called "sovereign" governments such as
  UK, Sweden, Australia

- subversion of the Swedish justice department

- unilaterally grounding the aeroplane of the president of Ecuador

- and probably plenty more behind the scenes which we are not aware of


The USA/CIA/FBI/NorthAmerican Government wants Julian Assange really,
really badly!

From inside the Ecuadorian embassy, Julian --continues-- to publish
things which embarrass the North American establishment oligarchs -
Hitlery emails, banking scandals, war files and plenty more.

Wikileaks (with all its problems which around these parts some are aware
of) is a MASSIVE thorn in the side of the Empire of the North American
and Atlantic Regime.

I absolutely agree with everything you've said about Assange, and fully
think his interment in Ecuador (the embassy) stems from the massive embarrassment
he caused and continues to cause to governments, corporations, etc.

Jacob Applebaum was a key figure facilitating the conduit of leakers to
Assange, and, apparently, certainly quite possibly, keeping the bastards honest at Tor Inc, which was supposed to be an American Military and CIA
operation - and here was this pipsqueak Jacob taking the "published
principles of an intention (however weakly implemented) toward aiding
public anonymity of transmission of information", literally!

Jacob Applebaum took that fucking intention fucking literally!

The fucking hide of him!!!

I don't know enough about what Appelbaum ever did beyond some (IMO) over-hyped "art projects" and name-dropping Assange every 5 minutes in that internal tor
IRC chat that was leaked. So, seeing I have a lack of knowledge here,
I'll take you at your word at his importance.

Perhaps he was grateful for the opportunity to bow out? IDK, just
postulating of course, but hell, if he really was the only man truly
standing in the gaggle of self interested, intensely feminazi and pro
CIA agents employees of Tor Inc, for that many years, I imagine he'd
"fucking had enough". Perhaps few men could stand as long as he did in
his situation... most are armchair anarchists, armchair Mannings,
armchair Assanges, waving our arms at "What a fucking bad job they're
doing, I could do it SO much better".

Perhaps you're right!  :)

John Newman