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Re: Tor Replaces Its Entire Board

On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 02:27:24AM -0400, Steve Kinney wrote:
> The absence of any legal proceedings, criminal or civil, seems rather a
> big data point.  Lots of people are willing to throw stones, nobody is
> willing to face a potential perjury charge or countersuit.  Maybe nobody
> was actually harmed, beyond hurt feelings.
> Any male geek person with Our Mr. Applebaum's "celebrity" status who is
> also (in my heteronormative radical queer opinion) good looking, is very
> likely to avail himself of the sexual perquisites of social prestige.
> If that is the case with Our Mr. Applebaum, it would inevitably result
> in at least /some/ hurt feelings, even if he was a perfect fucking
> knight in shining armor - which he probably ain't, because who is?
> Pardon my macroaggression, but there is a very current Identity Politics
> fad for cutting all Male Pigs down to size, and its fan base demographic
> intersects with the fan base of everything that even looks "radical and
> culturally cutting edge" to a fuzzy studies major, including the TOR
> Project.

"fuzzy studies" :D

Great phrase.

> In this social matrix, acts of simple careless idiocy, devoid
> of malice and producing no real harm, could lead to all of the charges
> we have seen.
> If you are of a paranoid bent, ask whether a political warfare operation
> could produce the exact results seen in Our Mr. Applebaum's recent
> history.  Seeking out unsatisfied customers of Brand Jake who are
> associated with evangelists for Feminazi fashion would be a snap:
> Thanks to ubiquitous surveillance with automated social network mapping
> and psychographic classification, finding people matching the desired
> profile and history would only require a work order.  Develop one agent
> - witting or not - and the rest handles itself.  (If, and please pardon
> the expression, Our Mr. Applebaum has exposed himself in any way.)

Much-o ACK-o.

> Of course, this kind of thing is unheard of.  Unless the name Mendax
> means anything to you.

I take it you mean "unheard of" in the literal, rather than colloquial,

> It is possible that Our Mr. Applebaum is a raging asshole who routinely
> mistreats women in serious ways.  But if so, the lack of any criminal
> charges or civil action is surprising.
> It is possible that he is a victim of spontaneous combustion comparable
> to the Mean Girls on the cheerleading squad getting some amusing
> revenge, motivated by nothing more serious than some naive sap's
> socially awkward behavior.  That model fits the available evidence
> better than the criminal model.
> It is highly probable that IF a political warfare activity was asked to
> arrange this party for Our Mr. Applebaum, they could quote a very
> reasonable price and deliver the goods on time.  The beauty part:  By
> itself this observation proves nothing, as it is difficult or impossible
> to prove absent a credible inside source.  That's the beauty part of the
> institution of State Secrecy.

Sadly, more ACKs.

And the feminazi zealot types need only the merest of subtle nudges to
launch off on righteous tirade journeys, "thinking" that they are
"choosing" their pathway of vengeful action.

Humans - not entirely unpredictable creatures.