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Re: [tor-talk] FBI cracked Tor security

Am 14.07.2016 um 02:02 schrieb Sci Fith:
> Sources? Links? Otherwise why conjecture & possibilities?

2013 FBI and Freedom Hosting:

2015 FBI operation "Playpen"

In both cases, the FBI took over the Tor onion sites platform and
deployed a network investigative technique on the Tor hidden service
sites - the agency's term for a hacking tool. That tool used a
vulnerability to circumvent the protections of the Tor Browser Bundle,
and then installed a trojan, which grabbed the suspect's IP address and
system information.

>> But one clue might be that the FBI can read Bugzilla posts for whichever browser Tor uses (Firefox now) 

For operation "Playpen" an own new 0-day exploit was used by FBI.
Mozilla and TorProject tried to get informations about the bug,


But the bug was classified by FBI because of "National Security".


Best regards
Karsten N.
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