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Re: The FBI Says Its Malware Isn't Malware Because The FBI Is Good

On Jul 13, 2016 10:16 AM, "Zenaan Harkness" <zen@freedbms.net> wrote:

> But the individuals ARE all good - everyone has GOOD in them, and they act according to their schooling and training and upbringing, as best they can - they're just doing their jobs you see. I hear that some supporters of the FBI are actually volunteers (friends of employees just helping out), so they're really good guys. We cannot deny the FBI employees gainful employment which provides them opportunities for honourable actions. At least some of the time. At least, I assume so.


The people are good, but we have trolls and stupid persons in all places.  A good person can be really stupid, did you know it?  We can have stupid people even in respected lists of discussion.  :-)

Recent examples in this list:  -  People saying I am making "rape apology" when I am trying to stop a stupid lynch mob and severe human rights violation.  People saying how "beautiful and artistic" was using a nuclear bomb to explode the city where my family used living before being killed.  People saying I was flattering a guy just because of a stupid mailing list.

You know, we have disgusting people telling lies and writing stupid things, making propaganda for corrupt politicians and institutions in every place of this world, all minutes.  Even on the best mailing and discussion lists.  And they never apologize when are injust.