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Re: [OT] Fwd: Re: [liberationtech] Need some advice re: online secure communications platform for a survivors group

On Jul 11, 2016 2:05 AM, "Александр" <afalex169@gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh yeah.
> That's definitely proves boyce is a goody goody guy.
> Illusions. Sweet illusions, Cecilia.
> By the way, Hitler ""LOVED"" animals. Especially deers.
> https://retrieverman.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/hitler-with-roe-deer.jpg
> And boyce likes to "help" sometimes with 3 sentences (3 cents) in the list. Wau. It proves so much.
> Boyce sends you a big thank you for the PR you made him right now. And that he'll bring you back to the tor list for your ""service"" (and don't tell me you didn't think about that opening this thread.Oh no. You just wanted to "open" our eyes to the goodness in boyce. oops).


No, I was just thinking about hardcore wild and hot sex with a guy who hates me.  All that I want in my life is flirting with Boyce in public, using the cpunks list.  Oh, the way he banned me was so sexy, Alex...  How about telling everybody I was doing "ludicrous rape apologetics" in his inbox?  Wow, it was really exciting!  Learn with him how to seduce a woman, my dear!  :-)

Hahaha, talking seriously now...  Alex, my dear, what is the problem with you in the last weeks?  Your last messages had more "f*ck this, f*ck that" than my whole sexual life, you are much more aggressive than usual and you simply didn't read the message content, silly boy!  :-/

When I forwarded the message, I was trying:

1)  to annoy Juan a bit.  I like him a lot and he knows it. 
2)  to ask for some help for Lina, showing her thread in another list  (Liberation Tech).  Both, list and thread,can be interesting for some people here, I suppose.

3)  to prove that even Boyce is able of good things, like _everybody_ in this world.

I have a lot of things in common with Hitler, Alex.  I am a vegetarian who loves children, animals, books, painting and German people too.  Am I a bad person because of my preferences?  :-)

Boyce wrote to Lina in private, not in public, giving her a suggestion.  I really appreciate kind and spontaneous support acts.  The fact he used three sentences doesn't care.  In some moments, three simple words are enough.  Some people can write books without saying something really relevant.  Writing a lot doesn't mean anything, Alex.

I don't know if Boyce is a member of cpunks list or not, but it doesn't care.  I don't want to be part of tor-talk list again and I know he is too proud to apologize for being injust with his stupid allegations of rape apology.

You don't know me enough, Alex.  Don't try to judge my acts using your way of thinking as measure, please.  We are very different.

I don't know what "PR" means, but I probably will be annoied with you if I search for its meaning.  I really did not understand the "service" part, but I am sure you were so injust as Boyce.  Congratulations, Alexander.  You did it like a boss...  whoops, a Boyce!  ;)

Hihi...  Take care, silly boy.  :-)