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Re: [OT] Fwd: Re: [liberationtech] Need some advice re: online secure communications platform for a survivors group

Oh yeah.
That's definitely proves boyce is a goody goody guy.
Illusions. Sweet illusions, Cecilia.

By the way, Hitler ""LOVED"" animals. Especially deers.
And boyce likes to "help" sometimes with 3 sentences (3 cents) in the list. Wau. It proves so much.

Boyce sends you a big thank you for the PR you made him right now.
And that he'll bring you back to the tor list for your ""service"" (and don't tell me you didn't think about that opening this thread.Oh no. You just wanted to "open" our eyes to the goodness in boyce. oops).

2016-07-11 6:56 GMT+03:00 Mirimir <mirimir@riseup.net>:
On 07/10/2016 07:34 PM, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
> My dear Juan,
> Boyce was stupid and very injust, but he is not a bad person.  I was
> talking about this kind of thing, testardo...  :)
> Kisses and kicks!  Take care!  :*
> Ceci

It looks like sandstorm.io only accepts credit card payments. Bad :(

> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: "Lina Srivastava" <lina@linasrivastava.com>
> Date: Jul 10, 2016 9:30 PM
> Subject: Re: [liberationtech] Need some advice re: online secure
> communications platform for a survivors group
> To: "Griffin Boyce" <griffin@cryptolab.net>
> Cc: "Lina Srivastava" <lina@linasrivastava.com>, "liberationtech" <
> liberationtech@lists.stanford.edu>
> Dear Griffin,
> Thank you very much!  I will pass this information along.
> Best regards,
> Lina
>> Hi Lina,
>>    While the content isn't encrypted for most of their apps, I would
>> recommend Sandstorm as a good hosted option for forums and other
>> collaborative apps.  It's free for up to 5 apps (called "grains") and up
>> to 200MB storage.  For more, it's $9 a month: https://sandstorm.io/
>>    For encrypted communication, Ricochet.im is pretty great and doesn't
>> require a lot of work to set up.  It has sane defaults (requires Tor to
>> run).
>> best,
>> Griffin