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Re: "The West" - an absolute disgrace to Humanity!

On July 9, 2016 1:16:33 AM EDT, "Александр" <afalex169@gmail.com> wrote:
>2016-07-09 6:09 GMT+03:00 Tomasz Rola <rtomek@ceti.pl>:
>> Russians Rewrite History
>Wonderful. Just wonderful. The fucken west, the us-europe evil bundle,
>rewrite the History in every imaginable aspect (just pick up the WW2
>the Ukraine/Iraq/... example),
>but guess who rewrites the History?
>*It's the main VICTIM of their lies - the bloody Russians!*
>So, not only that they do this vile crime, rewriting the whole History,
>they blame THE MAIN VICTIM of their lies in their own sin.
>Yeah.....! This is all what is west about. LIES. LIES. LIES.
>Hail West. Hail Lies. Hail Hatred. Hail
>or maybe.... shall we say
>*Fuck West. Fuck Lies. Fuck Hatred. And Fuck Those Who Spread It!*
>*Just FUCK!*

Yes, fuck em! Fuck ALL nation-state propaganda and lies!  Including, but by no means limited to, mouthpieces for Putin!


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