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Re: [tor-talk] Anyone got the sourcecode for "CensorSpoofer"

Reminds me somewhere http://ianonym.com/ (see Details for the specs),
not IP spoofing here but domain name spoofing

But probably both systems are difficult to scale since specific third
party servers/proxys are required

Le 08/07/2016 à 01:13, Flipchan a écrit :
> Hi im writing a whitepaper atm , and im working on a proxy/code for that whitepaper and it would help/be good to look at the source code for the CensorSpoofer if anyone got it,i cant seem to find it anywhere 
> https://people.cs.umass.edu/~amir/papers/censorspoofer.pdf
> I would be very greatful if anyone had it/knows where it is. 
> Take Care 

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