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Re: "The West" - an absolute disgrace to Humanity!

2016-07-09 6:09 GMT+03:00 Tomasz Rola <rtomek@ceti.pl>:
Russians Rewrite History

Wonderful. Just wonderful. The fucken west, the us-europe evil bundle, rewrite the History in every imaginable aspect (just pick up the WW2 and the Ukraine/Iraq/... example),
but guess who rewrites the History? It's the main VICTIM of their lies - the bloody Russians!

So, not only that they do this vile crime, rewriting the whole History, but they blame THE MAIN VICTIM of their lies in their own sin.
Yeah.....! This is all what is west about. LIES. LIES. LIES.

Hail West. Hail Lies. Hail Hatred. Hail

or maybe.... shall we say
Fuck West. Fuck Lies. Fuck Hatred. And Fuck Those Who Spread It!
Just FUCK!