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Dallas suspect killed by police robot

They bombed him. This is the first incident in the US that I am aware of.

"10:20 a.m.

A robotics expert says Dallas police appear to be the first law
enforcement agency to use a robot to kill.

Peter W. Singer, of the New America Foundation, says the killing of a
suspect in Thursday night's fatal shooting of five police officers is
the first instance of which he's aware of a robot being used lethally by

Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters that after hours of
failed negotiations and in order to not put any officers in harm's way,
his department used a robot to deliver a bomb that killed the suspect.
Brown said they saw no other option.

Singer said in an email Friday that when he was researching his 2009
book "Wired for War" a U.S. soldier told him troops in Iraq sometimes
used MARCbot surveillance robots against insurgents."