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Re: gmail usage

On Wed, 2016-07-06 at 08:05 -0400, John Newman wrote:
> Do any gmail users (which I've noticed there a lot of on the list,
> as well as in real life, heh) feel at all threatened by what Google
> is doing with access to your entire mail stream? They've publicly
> stated users have no "reasonable expectation of privacy".  
> Do you use gmail for your main / private / important emails, in
> addition to list correspondence?

I use Gmail for as little as possible, usually only to email myself
things to my main account on Fastmail (rushpost.com is one of their
vanity domains). The "theft alerts" on my Android phone go to my Gmail
because there's no way to send them elsewhere. A few emails from Google
go there because it's either a pain in the ass or impossible to send
them elsewhere. It's also another backup email for my social media

In a perfect world I believe I wouldn't have to use Gmail at all. There
is a reason we have the ability to put other domains after the "@" after

Shawn K. Quinn <skquinn@rushpost.com>