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Re: gmail usage

On 07/06/2016 10:09 AM, Steve Kinney wrote:
> "Obsessive avoidance of Internet surveillance does not take you off
> the radar, it only takes you out of the game." - Me

Cops notice people who drive too well.

"Drive it like it's stolen" can mean drive it so no one notices as well
as wild in the street. Wheelmen for professional bank/jewelery store
robbery teams tend to be pretty good drivers too.

Obsessive avoidance does not take you out of the game. It actually make
you a person of interest.

It's best to swim like any other phish in the internet sea unless you
abso-positiv-lutely need the secrecy, THEN you use those techniques.
It's a dissuasion/obfuscation tactic.


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