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gmail usage

Do any gmail users (which I've noticed there a lot of on the list,
as well as in real life, heh) feel at all threatened by what Google
is doing with access to your entire mail stream? They've publicly
stated users have no "reasonable expectation of privacy".  

Do you use gmail for your main / private / important emails, in
addition to list correspondence?

Or do you consider the internet so pwned that it doesnt matter? 
(although, why make it easier for them..)

I'm just curious... I started getting squeamish about it myself a
good few years back, before snowden, just because it seems like an
obviously bad idea to house all my correspondence at the HQ of one
of the biggest corporations in the world, for them to play with, mine,
and cross-index for targeted advertising as they see fit..

Setting up your own mail server
(postfix+spamassasin+...clamav+..whatever) isn't really that hard,
although you gotta pay a hosting fee, depending on how you decide
to do it. And I guess there are other alternatives to gmail
that are much better in this area, although I'm still inclined
to use my own thing..


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