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Re: Happy 4 July!!!

On 07/05/2016 10:47 AM, John Newman wrote:
>> On Jul 4, 2016, at 1:27 PM, juan <juan.g71@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Think of it: an entire nation founded on saying one thing and
>> doing another.
> Lol. They get it right it sometimes (southpark), hilarious the rest of the time if you’re just stoned on weed.
> Anyway - “an entire nation founded on saying one thing and doing another”…  I don’t think it was an original concept in the late 18th century, and its sure the fuck not an original concept now.  This is just kinda how shit, err, “works”...
> —
> John

Psychopaths rise to the top of the shitpile and self-select

It's the B and C of the Abcs of psychopathy

No bonds
No conscience

Can lie with straight face and even the physiological signs of lying
aren't there.

Here's a classic end result when non-psychopaths get pwned:

> "General Miles said to me in plain words, "If you will come out and
> give up your arms, I will spare your lives and send you back to the
> reservation." General Miles had promised we might return to our
> country with what stock we had left. ... I believed General Miles, or
> I never would have surrendered." ~Chief Joseph, "An Indian's Views of
> Indian Affairs," North American Review, vol. CXXVIII, 1879, pg. 429


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