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Re: TSA Thugs: TSA Agents Beat And Jail Disabled Teen With Brain Cancer

On Sun, 3 Jul 2016 21:50:41 -0300
Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Jul 3, 2016 7:51 PM, "juan" <juan.g71@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >         My position is radically different to that of quinn and his
> > mob
> and yet you think we are both 'likeable'? Your opinions here are
> absurd.
> Juan, you and Quinn are not my friends, but I appreciate both.

	You don't know anything about me, apart from the political
	comments I've made here. Same thing for quinn. All we know about
	him is that he's a totalitarian american shitbag. Whatever your
	personal connection to him is, (if any) it's irrelevant here.

	It is absurd for you to conclude that I'm a 'good'
	person and that quinn is a 'good' person too, since we represent
	completely opposed views of what 'good' means.

	Is this so hard to grasp?


> Certainly not enough to invite you to visit my house or to borrow
> money and books, but I like you both.  :)
> A fool example, I have friends who believe in God in a blind way and
> also extremely Atheists friends.  They are good persons and I
> sincerely respect all of them.  

	'Religious' liars are not good persons. Lying is not

	It's becoming clear that 'good' doesn't really mean anything to

> They have different personal beliefs,
> but they all have good character and are intelligent.
> >         Not to mention, again, that you think that a totalitarian
> > piece
> of shit like quinn is a good guy. Since you believe that, your moral
> judgements are a bad joke...which shows what you really stand for.
> He is a good person.  Too moralist and intollerant for being my
> friend, but he is a good person.

	OK. "Good" means nothing to you. 

> You are a good person, but very aggressive in some moments and pretty
> intollerant too.
	Tell me Cecilia, is it OK for governments to exist? You know, 
	the 'good' utopian governments that do stuff that you think is
	'good', like, I don't know 'free' schooling for poor children.

	If I recall correctly you said you are not an anarchist, but
	I'm making sure...before pointing out that you are in no
	position to call me 'aggressive' or 'intolerant'.

> Uff...  Juan, you seem to know more about me than myself to judge me
> so bad in all the moments.  Please, what do I really stand for?

	See the stuff you posted and my comments...

> >         Fine. I'm not tolerant either. I don't tolerate stupidity
> > and
> evil intentions or acts. As to being 'open minded', again, I'm
> certainly not open minded to stupidity. Being 'open minded' to
> stupidity is hardly a virtue.
> Juan, if I show you some truth and you don't like it, you simply will
> say it is stupidity because you are too proud and hard headed for
> admissing when are wrong.

	What am I wrong about?

> I was not talking about nazism, only about extremely radical people:
> feminazis, vegan nazis, econazis, etc.  Sorry, at least for me,
> radical people are always boring and/or annoing.

	OK - and the relevance here is? Or was that just one more random
	and irrelevant thought?

> >         I don't think your explanation changes anything. You want to
> ignore this particular poll because it doesn't paint the americunts
> in a good light. But the poll is completely consistent with americunt
> 'culture'. If anything the real numbers are prolly higher.
> Juan, it hurts me a lot because it is a pool about my family's death,

	It's not just about your family. It about the fact that TODAY
	there are lots of people who support that kind of attrocity.

> not because "doesn't paint the americans in a good light".  It would
> hurt me the same if it was a pool about French people opinion, if it
> was a pool about Chinese people opinion...  The problem is thinking
> about people saying that it was correct to use nuclear weapons to
> kill people.

	The ones who are saying it are the americans.

	So tell me again about how good countries are and how much
	respect they deserve? 

> And, please, always remember that laws, sausages and researches are
> not made in a beautiful way.  I don't trust in all researchers that
> I've knowed.  I already saw some serious frauds in works and books.