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Re: TSA Thugs: TSA Agents Beat And Jail Disabled Teen With Brain Cancer

On Jul 3, 2016 7:51 PM, "juan" <juan.g71@gmail.com> wrote:
>         My position is radically different to that of quinn and his mob and yet you think we are both 'likeable'? Your opinions here are absurd.

Juan, you and Quinn are not my friends, but I appreciate both.  Certainly not enough to invite you to visit my house or to borrow money and books, but I like you both.  :)

A fool example, I have friends who believe in God in a blind way and also extremely Atheists friends.  They are good persons and I sincerely respect all of them.  They have different personal beliefs, but they all have good character and are intelligent.

>         Not to mention, again, that you think that a totalitarian piece of shit like quinn is a good guy. Since you believe that, your moral judgements are a bad joke...which shows what you really stand for.

He is a good person.  Too moralist and intollerant for being my friend, but he is a good person. 

You are a good person, but very aggressive in some moments and pretty intollerant too.

Uff...  Juan, you seem to know more about me than myself to judge me so bad in all the moments.  Please, what do I really stand for?

>         Fine. I'm not tolerant either. I don't tolerate stupidity and evil intentions or acts. As to being 'open minded', again, I'm certainly not open minded to stupidity. Being 'open minded' to stupidity is hardly a virtue.

Juan, if I show you some truth and you don't like it, you simply will say it is stupidity because you are too proud and hard headed for admissing when are wrong.

> >  [Cecilia]  Sorry if you felt offended with my words.  I don't support any kind of 'nazis'.  Radical people are extremely boring.
>         Not sure who you are calling radical? The nazis? The problem with the nazis were not that they were radicals. Or that they were 'boring'...

I was not talking about nazism, only about extremely radical people:  feminazis, vegan nazis, econazis, etc.  Sorry, at least for me, radical people are always boring and/or annoing.

>         I don't think your explanation changes anything. You want to ignore this particular poll because it doesn't paint the americunts in a good light. But the poll is completely consistent with americunt 'culture'. If anything the real numbers are prolly higher.

Juan, it hurts me a lot because it is a pool about my family's death, not because "doesn't paint the americans in a good light".  It would hurt me the same if it was a pool about French people opinion, if it was a pool about Chinese people opinion...  The problem is thinking about people saying that it was correct to use nuclear weapons to kill people.

And, please, always remember that laws, sausages and researches are not made in a beautiful way.  I don't trust in all researchers that I've knowed.  I already saw some serious frauds in works and books.