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Re: [OT] Five Simple Rules

On Sun, 3 Jul 2016 18:04:13 -0300
Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Jun 28, 2016 5:26 AM, "Tom" <tom@vondein.org> wrote:
> >
> > Today is the best times of all. Todays poorest people are rich
> > compared
> to poor people a couple of centuries ago.
> >
> > So, I don't need to believe, I know it's getting better. Even if
> > local
> situations might be worsen here and there, this doen't matter that
> much for the species as a whole.
> Hi, Tom!  A friend of mine really appreciated this book a lot:
> http://www.diamandis.com/abundance
> I think you can like it too.  Good reading!  :-)

	american fascist propaganda endorsed by clinton, wsj, the
	'economist' and a bunch of other high ranking pieces of shit.

	Congrats Cecilia.

	"Today is the best times of all" 

	Yep. Now that the americunt global police state is
	almost fully functional. Finally the democrats can drone the
	enemies of humanity with the push of a button. We all should
	praise american science.