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Re: TSA Thugs: TSA Agents Beat And Jail Disabled Teen With Brain Cancer

On Jul 3, 2016 4:06 PM, "juan" <juan.g71@gmail.com> wrote:
> >  [Cecilia]  I admiss I didn't like Boyce, Dani Moth, Quinn and Ted's messages, but I am not "making excuses" for their country, Juan.
>         You aren't? But a country like the US wouldn't exist without scumbags like the ted smiths, boyces, quinns, that psycho steven, the syversons and his lapdogs.

Juan, my dear, US already have lots of people making excuses for them and being well paid for it.  Don't worry, I won't waste my time with it.  I simply told you what I think about countries, governments and people.

The same way there are lots of awesome persons in all the countries, there are lots of bad persons  ("scumbags"?)  in all the countries too.

(Sorry, I still don't know exactly what "scumbag" means, because there are several bizarre definitions in Brazilian posts  ("gentalha"?  wtf?),  but probably there are lots of scumbags in all the places, haha!!)

> >  [Cecilia]  Quinn is intolerant and has narrow patterns of decency, but he is a good person and I like him, Juan.
>         You are seriously fucked up then.

Well, I am sure Quinn thinks exactly the same thing all the times when I say I like you in public, my dear Juan...  hihi...  ;)

> >  [Cecilia]  You are not exactly tolerant and open-minded too, haha!!  ;D
>         That comes from you, who support the US nazis? Ha ha.

I never said that I am tolerant and open-minded, Juan.  Sorry if you felt offended with my words.  I don't support any kind of 'nazis'.  Radical people are extremely boring.

> >  [Cecilia]  Sorry, I don't believe in all researches because I have lots of researchers as friends and colleagues and I was a researcher in several moments of my life too
>         So? You know they are all dishonest, including yourself?

Hmm...  Sorry, after talking about deaths, wars and rapes, I confess I was thinking only in Portuguese.  Always is the most comfortable language for me. 

Pardon, reading now what wrote yesterday, there are more mistakes and I didn't write some words when talking about the rapes.  Both made me feel the same way, the same deep panic of death, the same smell of fear.  Sorry for it.

"Eu não acredito em todas as pesquisas" here doesn't mean necessarily that I really do _not_ believe in _all_ researches.  If I really wouldn't believe in all researches, in Portuguese, I would use 'double negative', what doesn't exist in English, sorry.  I would say "Eu não acredito em nenhuma pesquisa", Juan.  I simply translated - literally - what I thought in that moment and doesn't make sense in English, sorry.

I was trying to say that not necessarily I believe in all researches, that I don't believe in some of them...  Does it sound better now or should I try again?  :P